The Journeymen Exchange is the tale of two young entrepreneurs looking to make a difference. We came together to form a traveling export company that will provide economic benefit to South American artisans by bringing their goods to you. Along with their goods, we will tell their stories and our own. Follow along, spread the word, and join us on our journey.
Our Mission
Our mission is to enrich lives through the exchange of goods and culture.
Our Vision
To provide South American artisan communities with a stable source of income to improve their quality of life.
Our Name
Our name came from a late-night brainstorming session. As we struggled to identify with any name we produced, journey and exchange kept popping up. We fumbled with them until one of us blurted out “The Journeymen Exchange!" We loved it, and it just so happened to encompass what we were trying to do; learn and share. Join us, as we seek to learn, grow, and provide a service to others through various forms of exchanges. 
The Journeymen
I’m a small town kid with big world dreams. In 2014, I graduated from college, left my hometown, and headed to Chilean Patagonia in search of adventure. I was an English teacher by design, a trekking tour guide by chance, and a broke, smelly traveller out of necessity. Wandering the meandering marketplaces that come alive with vibrant color and exotic noise became a regular occurrence. It was there that I discovered a passion for travel and an appreciation for South American craftsmanship, culture, and language. When my one year stint as a wanderer came to a close, I was inspired to find a way back, to share, learn, and exchange with those that are South America.

I am extremely grateful to have been born and raised in the amazing city of Berkeley, CA. After developing in this environment, it was time to move forward to the beautiful Cal Poly SLO, where I studied for four years and received a business degree in 2014. Post-grad, I was fortunate to travel for a month through the Middle East and Europe to then begin my career in the Silicon Valley selling cloud software. My personal and professional growth in the corporate setting exceeded expectations and I am extremely thankful for it, but it left me wanting something more. I needed to experience more cultures and gain new perspectives. This along with my strong desire to help others, are what drove me to make the decision to embark on the journey of a lifetime!